The Altitude Limited Electric Soaring League was formed to promote the AMA ALES format of competitive radio control soaring, provide centralized contest information, and to gather and tabulate points earned by pilots throughout the competition season. League points may be accumulated by participating in approved ALES contests. The higher you place in a contest, the more points you earn. These points will be totaled for the year and top finishers will earn bragging rights.


PlaceNameTotal Score
1Bennett, Brian487.16
2Ellingson, John469.21
3Weiter, Greg464.39
4Martin, Thom432.56
5Richards, Dennis421.48
6Bergholz, Rick350.22
7Thuesen, Carl298.91
8Spurrell, Josh297.76
9Venetz, Wayne291.59
10Anderson, Mark289.03
11Blumer, Bob277.20
12Hill, Ron262.42
13Egge, Eric256.93
14Suter, Curtis248.30
15Gardner, Michael201.80
16Van Dijk, Richard201.25
17Douglas, Greg196.08
18Boice, Tom188.43
19Musgjerd, Dean177.93
20Andersen, Barry176.50
21Cooney, Jim163.25
22Longmire, Joe160.90
23Youngen, Ted158.66
24Jones, Dick157.32
25Bell, Greg155.21
26Filkins, JD154.11
27Groves, Mark152.92
28Elazzawi, Raed149.55
29Cranston, Scott149.39
30Kennedy, John126.38
31Millonig, Dave123.82
32Anderson, Todd109.13
33Edwards, Scott103.16
34Leuke, John101.60
35Poti, Norman101.20
36Culmsee, Tom101.10
37Skeen, Mike100.26
38Long, John99.65
39Steinhauer, Sherrell98.78
40Erickson, Terry98.31
41Staats, Chris97.97
42Perez, Gilbert97.71
43Gammons, Steve97.41
44Stahl, Gordy96.59
45Pugh, Jim95.45
46Robinson, Robin92.18
47Shape, Jerry91.42
48Pugh, Sandie89.59
49Eaton, Ken88.94
50Buttner, Clark88.08
51Marcum, Mark87.45
52Dickey, Mathew87.08
53Owen, Steve86.65
54Gibson, Jim85.92
55Duval, Jeff83.36
56Pogue, Mike82.43
57Harris, Don81.11
58Alchin, David79.97
59Naylor, Mike79.78
60Keating, Scott79.42
61Hoelcher, Bill73.33
62Miller, Jody70.67
63Fleming, Don70.66
64Brinson, Mike69.15
65Boyd, Tom63.21
66Poulson, John62.97
67Galloway, Tom57.99
68Eckel, Rick50.56
69Blake, Steve46.49
70Decker, George44.41
71Cooper, Brian43.28
72Watkins, Jay36.04
73Goldin, Hank21.56
74Bitzberger, John4.49
75Ryan, Tom0.00

Contest Results

Jun 09 '18 June Contest
Jun 09 '18 MOSS ALES #3 2018
May 27 '18 TCMAA May 2018
May 19 '18 FSS 3A
May 19 '18 PASS ALES
May 19 '18 May ALES
Apr 28 '18 April 2018 ALES
Apr 27 '18 TCMAA April 2018
Apr 21 '18 MOSS ALES #1 - 2018
Apr 21 '18 April ALES
Apr 07 '18 FSS 2A 2018
Mar 25 '18 TCMAA March 2018
Mar 04 '18 TCMAA February 2018
Feb 11 '18 TCMAA January 2018